Day Eleven

For those of you interested in praying intelligently over the world there is some great resources we have here below for you. Today we would love to focus on prayer for those who have never been reached with the gospel.

There is a tremendous revival in prayer for the unreached groups all over the World. And miracles are happening all over the world as Christ is revealed to people who have never heard His Name before.

In October 1993, for example, more than 20 million intercessors all over the World prayed for the 10/40 Window countries. (If you would like to know more about the 10/40 window of unreached people Groups go to ) On 25 June 1994 probably more than a 100 million people prayed for the same prayer targets.

An unprecedented revival in prayer and the mobilization of intercessors to pray for the unreached groups is taking place at this moment. Persistent, intelligent, intensive and focused prayer is the single largest element that reaches unreached nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The following paragraphs contain practical guidelines for people who wish to co- operate in executing the Great Commission through prayer.
The real Great Commission is recorded in Matthew 9:37-38. In Matthew 9 the harvest and prayer are connected directly with one another. Prayer is the key word as far as the execution of this commission is concerned.
The Great Commission therefore lies in the word “pray” rather than in the phrase “therefore go” which is used in Matthew 28:19- 20. The Great Commission in Matthew 9:37-38 applies to all Christians. The section in Matthew 28:19-20 and that in Mark 16:15 contain instructions to those who have been called by God specifically to go into the harvest field. It is clear that not everybody is called to preach, but Matthew 9 makes it clear that everybody is called to pray. Matthew 9:37-38 therefore contains a greater commission! One we can all do.
This is a great resource if you are interested in praying for the unreached people groups or any area of the world.

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