Day One

So over these next 21 days, we will embark on strategic prayer as a church family. Prayer for our nation, the world, our friends, our church, our needs and dreams.On Mondays, we will engage in prayer for our nation & her leadership. So many of us have been brought to Canada from other nations. Others have been blessed to be raised here. We sense it is such a strategic time for our nation. It feels potent with kingdom potential.

“I urge then first of all that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for
everyone – for kings and all those in authority”
I Timothy 2:1-2

1. We pray over Canadians to come into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ
2. We pray over our economy, that it would prosper.
3. We pray over the political leaders that they would serve wisely and provide political leadership to the nation.
4. We pray this nation would rise up in its influence across the world and be renown for what God is doing amongst us.

Canada is poised for its greatest days. So many of us have been called here from other nations to serve, love and impact the heart of this nation for such a time as this.There has been great prophecy over this nation. Especially for these days we are living in.

“Oh Canada, I have not forgotten you. You are the apple of my eye. I am going to pour forth my power upon you and pour you out upon the nations of the world. For I have not forgotten you. You the apple of my eye. You have quietly gained international strength. The world is now watching you. I have brought so many people here into this nation for NOW.

The way you open your doors to the worlds population and invite every tribe and tongue into your land positions you to be an influence to the nations. You do not need to go to the nations for the nations are within your borders. Therefore I will choose you Canada fo pour out my Spirit”

Prophecy over Canada 2016
We pray for our nation today. We pray for those who are believing to immigrate here. We pray for families to flourish here. We pray for the gospel to continue to have safe passage here.


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