Day Seven

Prayer for Resurgent Church

We are so passionate about HOME. Home is where our heart is. Home is where you are planted. We are experiencing something quite stunning right now as a church. We have declared the 2017 banner as the Year of Supernatural Expansion. We pray this over our church and the lives of all those planted who called Resurgent Church home.

 Today as Sunday unfolds, the primary day for the church to congregate, we pray:
– Pray for our Lead Pastors and their family Indianna, Avalon, Eden and Sahara.
– Pray for the lost to find Jesus in every service – Pray for those volunteers who sacrifice and sow of their time and talent
– Pray for our the Word to go forth and not return void
– Pray for the leadership team as they love and lead people
– Pray for the worship experience to draw people towards Jesus and miracles to take place in His presence
– Pray for those investing finance into this vision faithfully each week that they would see the goodness of God
– Pray for the finances to resource the vision of Resurgent Church

– Pray for a sense of divine community amongst those who call Resurgent Church ‘home’

2 Comments on “Day Seven

  1. Brother Robin,I didn’t mean to add to your statements…Baptizing is the norm to identify with Christ and the giving of the Holy Spirit.Baptism is a church ordinance,…how can it be anything else? Only Christ’s church baptizes by His command. As we see in Acts, some were only familiar with the baptism of John the Baptist and then were baptized into Christ alone when taught prsnrely.Blesoipgs,Chris

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