Day 34 – It’s time for self assessment

I get asked this question alot about our church launch. How do you begin to ‘activate’ people when you haven’t even begun to launch yet?

We technically have two launches happening at once. One is a change of location from one area of downtown to another area. Which is also changing to an evening service. The other launch in a brand new location out of the city into the suburbs of Montreal. This will be our Sunday morning service.

When we were first officially launching our church before we knew a single person in Montreal we cast a very clear vision regarding our church. Then we extended an invite for people to be apart of the team. Before we even had them serving we had them discovering and assessing areas of their spiritual gifts, what they are like on a team, sharing any dreams that they had in their heart and ways they imagined joining this team could see them grow. We asked them about particular skill sets they possess or want to grow in, what they do for work, experience they have had anywhere else that they thought could benefit the team.

We do these as assessments early on when people join the team. Again, our revelation is you are not launching a church, you are launching people into their own God-given destiny as well. So knowing what people have to offer is the first step.

Tonight as we disciple the Young Adults of our church, there will be people sitting there not yet activated into what we call their ‘grace zone’. These assessments help us place people there. And we will invite them onto our launch team because we have a passion not to fill positions but build people! Plus we know the rich fruitfulness and blessing that comes on your life when you begin to build what God loves.

If you are ‘launching’ something like the new YOU, or a new BUSINESS, maybe it is time to assess yourself this way again. Maybe you will discover something fresh about what is within you? Maybe dormant skill sets will awaken in this season. Maybe there are ways of thinking that will serve you best in this season. Healthy self-assessment is crucial to any kind of growth and expansion in your own life.

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