Day 38 – This launch needs your voice

Day 38

A launch needs a combination of God’s voice and your VOICE! This week has been huge for us as we launched a 40-day campaign leading up to our launch.

This campaign does not happen without many, many faithful volunteers who are leaning into this launch with us. Right now it has been our Communications Team who have done the tireless midnight hours with us.

One thing I have realized is that what is in your heart to launch, whether it be a church, a second (third, tenth) location, a business, a dream, or a new and improved you… they all require YOU to give voice to what is in your heart.

Yesterday we shared a scripture about heaven’s promises being launched earthwards. This is how I think Kingdom dreaming and Kingdom launches happen.

You have dreams and desires in your heart. If they have any Kingdom expanding potential at all then I believe they attract heavens promises. They are like a tin roof that attracts lightning. So giving voice and expression to those dreams is what begins to attract the promises.

Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.”
‭‭Habakkuk‬ ‭2:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Writing them down, nurturing what is in your heart, trusting that if they are not of God there would not be safe passage for them and He would shut a door .. but until then you are in full pursuit of them. You may not have a phenomenal communications team like we do, but you have angels (heralds) ready to run with the vision. You have one other friend who could champion what you’re believing to launch into. One team member. Or in our case, it began with one husband sharing with his wife something God ‘launched earthward’ from heaven and it was dormant dreams that had attracted that word. So we wrote it down .. multi-locations, church planting, Montreal and beyond.

Then we believed God to surround us with ‘heralds’ natural and spiritual who would run with this vision.

Our Communications Team needs OUR voice. The leaders. The carriers of this Vision. Don’t give this job away too quickly in launch phase. Stay engaged in the process. It was as a day with them for hours last Sunday that we were able to give expression to “encore’ … let’s do it again!” I know for a fact without us in the room there would have been great ideas but not necessarily the God-ideas in these early stages of launch. The words come from YOUR heart as the leader. So write them down. Then sit with trusted people and share. Do it again. Make sure even 38 days from launch that you’re on the ‘same page’. Don’t leave meetings until you have it clear with those who will craft it and design it (trust me we have left many meetings without final ‘who is doing and designing what?). So take the time in the creative, collaborative process and then the clarified detail of it! Then coach it out. Give feedback. Honour your volunteers with clarity and honest feedback (I am not the best at this as a high creative) but I am learning it saves time.

Then to release this ‘voice’, use platforms like social media. Ask all your team to change their ‘profile picture’ to the campaign image. It is another ‘herald’ of the Vision. Provide a few images and things to ‘share’ on social media. Develop an email campaign to communicate your heart. We will talk more about that tomorrow.

If for you, this launch is a business or a dream … you can still work this creative magic on your own platforms, on your own or engage people you trust to help. Putting it ‘out there’ is part of ‘launching’ strong.

I would love to hear what you are believing for in these 40 days? What Vision are you giving VOICE to?

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