In 40 days we are church planting again. We are launching a second church location in a completely different area of the gorgeous city that we began in. We arrived to this city two years ago this month, knowing not a single soul. We now have the richness of relationship with so many people across this city. We launched a brand new church in the Downtown area which hundreds of people call ‘home’. So sense it was time to ‘launch out into the deep’ again. To do it again!

This 40 day countdown is so much more than a church launching. We have encouraged the team who we lead with, and the church who will experience this expansion with us, that this season is about us all ‘launching’ forward towards our God-given destiny. If they are connected in ANYWAY to this launch – it is about us all.

It is collective and personal 

I think there is an open heaven with an open door of invitation to those in season who take a step of faith and launch yourself further, deeper, higher, wider, strong  .. the earth is waiting for what will come from your life as you take this step! Imagine what could happen in the next 40 days.

We are all in this launch together

I sense it is not just over a new church, it’s over people, a city, a province and a nation – those near and far connecting to this launch. Those praying, partnering and pioneering with us.

 I encourage you to imagine what could ‘launch out’ from your life in the next 40 days. What could the Lord ‘launch’ you into?

 We will embark on this journey together. I believe that heaven records the day you decide to ‘launch’ a kingdom endeavor. Listen to the way the Bible so specifically tells us what day of the year it was. Also note the specifics he set in place to build:


2 Chron 3:1 – 4 So Solomon broke ground, launched construction of the house of God in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, the place where God had appeared to his father David. The precise site, the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite, had been designated by David. He broke ground on the second day in the second month of the fourth year of his rule. These are the dimensions that Solomon set for the construction of the house of God: ninety feet long and thirty feet wide. The porch in front stretched the width of the building, that is, thirty feet; and it was thirty feet high.

So note the date today. Get out a pen and paper and begin to write out what you are believing for in the next 40 days. Let’s do this!







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