Day 10 – Drive the tent pegs deep of your expansion

Isaiah 54:2 … and spare no expense! (Use plenty of rope, drive the tent pegs deep)

Leading up to launch you begin to feel the weight of what expansion is going to mean in your own life. When the dream actually does come and you begin to really feel the stretch of the launch you don’t want to draw back!!

For example, a woman who desires physical children and then it all get too hard when she has them. Those tent pegs of the expansion need to go deep so you do not despise the blessing you were given. Of course, you can have hard moments but continue to remember this is what you asked for.

You start a business and then it’s really big and takes everything of your time.

You ask God to use you – So He does – and then you feel used!!!

A husband or child gets saved now you complain about them being too committed in the house of God
You get your financial breakthrough and now god asks you to steward it effectively
It’s like someone who wins the lotto but has no ways of handling the increase because inside he is still small.

Drive the tent pegs deep because enlarging your capacity is not easy and those tent pegs need to become your conviction that this is exactly what you had been praying for. So the hard moments do not knock you off course. You can see it as part of the stretch and expansion.

I am doing the hard work now so that I do not draw back as we expand to two services. I am thinking what will those days feel like? How will I prepare for this? What will Sundays look like? For me and for our family? What will Mondays feel like? But I am up for it because i am driving those tent pegs deep, and seeing it about them as well.

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