Day 14 – sing a song that stretches you

Launch season can be long .. with so many ups and down, panic moments and celebrations, late nights and early mornings. Its the season of stretch!

You need to determine early on that you are going to grow with this and embrace the stretch. Your words will shape an atmosphere that keeps giving you permission to stretch!

Isaiah 54:1 “Sing, O barren woman, you who have never given birth! Break into loud and joyful song, fill the air with the song, you who have never been in labor.

This was meant to be a birthing song – sung only by women in childbirth.

  1. WELL WHAT DO I SING ABOUT? ITS SO EMBARRASING TO SING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T HAVE YET.It is the same in launch season – you do not yet have what you are believing for. You can see it in your heart but it is not yet in existence.BUT THERE IS SOMETHING POWERFUL ABOUT YOUR VOICE….

     “real voice is the experience of speaking and not leaving. Of saying what we know and feeling it ring true all the way down to our shoes, and continuing to stand in them. Of feeling strong as we stand and hearing the words and meanings that come back to us as we are standing strong in our own voice” Nancy Beach

fill the air with the song – the THEME OF YOUR LIFE


Create the atmosphere with your voice – not your WORDS – but your voice!! It’s the essence of who you are and all you hope and dream of….And it quickly becomes a theme by which you shape your world.

The theme of your heart is revealed in the theme of your voice

So what are you declaring over this season? What are you saying? Speaking? Posting on social media?

Let the theme be all LIFE GIVING….

Its not your lack its your fullness & overflow

Its not your sympathy its your empathy

Its not your jealousy its your security

Its not your disbelief but your belief


Speaking to yourself …

Addressing what your words reveal

Out of the abundance of your heart you speak

Analyse what you are saying in this season

It will frame all of your expectation.

I have to speak to myself constantly in this launch season. I have to declare things out of my mouth that my mind will hear because i use MY VOICE!!

What are you believing for? Speak it loud.

What are you praying for? Tell others

What is your expectation of the launch? Say it out loud

Do not hold back ….


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