Day 18 – Why a church launch can justify money on sound and lighting

I know there is much controversy about lights and flashy things in the House of God. And true, there are those who will want it to be about the production and performance more than the presence of God.

I love the thought of all us, people, production equipment, artisans alike … that we are all mere stagehands, preparing the stage for Jesus to take the front and centre spotlight.

He does not need a spotlight (and often here on earth He personally stayed away from the spotlight until His time had come). But if you look further back into the specific requests that God had of His House .. He wanted it grand. He wanted it to symbolise the glory of heaven, right here on earth. Gold did that. Precious stone did that. The angels did that. The structure and design of the House of God did that.

We are not launching a church with “GOLD” … could you imagine the fuss, drama and cynicism if we did??? However we are investing $40,000 into sound, lighting and production equipment for the worship experience to carry a new level of excellence. And, by the way, $40,000 is seriously NOTHING!!!!

We want to give our artisans and worshippers something to work with. Something that will enhance their gift and they ‘stage manage’ the stage for Jesus!

Exodus 31 Eternal One: Look, I have a special calling upon one of the sons of Judah. His name is Bezalel (the son of Uri, son of Hur). I have filled him with God’s Spirit, gifted him with wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and skills with a variety of crafts. He is an expert designer and works well with gold, silver, and bronze. He is able to cut and set gems, work with wood, and skillfully perform any craft needed to help construct the congregation tent and its furnishings. I have appointed Oholiab son of Ahisamach of the tribe of Dan to assist Bezalel. I have gifted all of Israel’s artisans with the skills needed to build everything I have instructed you: the congregation tent, the covenant chest, the seat of mercy that covers it, all the furnishings for the tent, the table and its accessories, the pure gold lampstand with all its tools, the altar of incense, the altar for burnt offering with all its utensils, the washing basin and its stand, 10 the woven garments, Aaron’s sacred priestly garments, the clothes worn by Aaron’s sons when they serve as My priests, 11 the anointing oil, and the fragrant incense to be used in the holy place. The craftsmen are to design and build all of these exactly as I have instructed you.

The first record in scripture of a human being who is filled with the spirit of God EVER! And He built for the House of God.

Sometimes we call ‘ministry’ – the public and so called influential positions and say THEY ARE GOING TO ADVANCE THE KINGDOM. Yet I am more convinced than ever it is these artisans and worshippers behind the scenes, making sure that the message is communicated in a way that people can ‘hear’ and ‘get it’. Jesus did it …

He made sure that all His acoustics were right for those listening on the mountain. He used story and illustration, the way we do today in our videos and social media story telling.

When artists are commissioned by the church they communicate the good news and announce Jesus in a way nobody else can


They become cultural shifters

They become catalysts

They are futurists


They put into picture, word, sound, look and feel things that cant be explained any other way.

This is why we will always invest into the worship experience this way! What TOOLS can enhance YOUR launch?

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