Day 20 – Launch an attack on the enemy of expansion

I think there is an open heaven with an open door of invitation to those who take a step of faith and launch yourself further, deeper, higher, wider, strong .. the earth is waiting for what will come from your life as you take this step!

We are all in this launch together. I sense it is not just over a new church, its over people, a city, a province and a nation ..

One of the definition of launch is to … “begin an attack or a siege”

I love this! You need to never underestimate the strategic nature of taking new ground and entering enemy territory. The devil hates that you want to expand, grow, stretch and take kingdom land for Jesus. It is Monday and now we are less than three weeks until launch. So this is where it gets fun!

I do not think we should live our lives paranoid about our opponent, but we should be aware of his devices. They are not new, the are the same old tricks.

So here is a few things to be aware of when launching into enemy territory…

  1. Tiredness means your defenses are down. You are not as alert to the ploy. 

Launch season is lots of late nights, early mornings, other jobs and responsibilities and then the stretch to work to deadlines. Its just a season and there may be less sleep, but be aware of what else steals your sleep time because it is not always ‘launch related’. Do less scrolling on social media. And get an hour back there ha! Relax before bed without your phone and computer. Try and do the work earlier in the mornings and sleep before midnight. (I am totally preaching to myself)

Tiredness is not weariness. Weariness is long term. Tiredness is seasonal. Do not freak out. This pace is not forever. And do not get irritable. Or say things when you are tired. Also remember that there is a watching world now as your launch momentum has picked up. They do not want to see tired. They want to see passion and enthusiasm for what you are doing.

2. Offense will try and ensnare you. It’s a trap. Do not fall into it.

You laboured on a project for launch that is not going to be used, or required feedback that you did not like. You fought with a team member. You carry a hurt because you are new to team and have not had to work under this pressure before. There are so many dynamics that want to take you out. Do not let it. Forgive quickly. Resolve where you can. Be the bigger person. Its a trap. Don;t fall for it!

3. Stress will try and take you out, pause, breathe and pray.

Adrenals are high in a launch season. Deadlines, ordering, promoting, rushing, driving, building …. the stress needs to be managed in a way that you pause, breath deep, remember who this is about – Jesus. He gives peace. It is His gift. There is meant to be a rhythm and a grace to do this when do it with Him. There will be stressful moments, but not a stressful launch.

There is intentional things you can do to counter these ploys in our life. Smile. Be kind. Forgive. Sleep. Eat well. Breath. Pray. Enjoy the journey. Be launch season saavy!


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