Day 21 – What can happen in twenty one days

Today we are 21 days from launching. This number has always felt significant to me. It feels potent with the ability to change. This day feels like the right day to talk about prayer and launching.

Prayer is something I have set out in 2017 to explore in new ways.

I love the local church … she is God’s redemptive plan for humanity. I love the way she comes in all different shapes and sizes. I love the way people ‘become the church’. Today a local church from Uganda came and ministered in our own local church. Canadian Pastors were sent out as missionaries 30 years ago to Uganda with a dream in their heart.

Out from the health and strength of this local church Watoto, has come orphaned rescued, babies raised into community leaders, widows restored and global influence.

Did our church right now in the middle of a giving campaign to expand our own reach into another part of our city, have ROOM for more in their hearts? Have the capacity to give and stretch again? YES they did!

You see, once you begin the adventure of leaning in and stretching, your who heart expands to embrace so much more.

When you love a local church and build something locally, you will love it all over the world! You will invest into other local churches because you know the power of what you are building. You won’t say ‘I can’t’ .. you will find another pocket and go without where needful.

You are bigger now than you were 20 days ago. You don’t see one as more important as the other. You see it as different and unique and another opportunity to grow and sow seed. It’s a different pocket of your heart.

It expand you. It’s different ‘poor’ and different ‘captives’ .. Africa does not need Jesus more than Montreal. It’s as significant what we are doing here as what is happening there.

There is room for more.
It’s why the Spirit enlarges our hearts and capacity!

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