Day 23 – It’s the people who are the prize

Launching a church is actually all about the people. I personally think that it should be the same way if you are launching a business, a new idea, writing a book, fighting a battle, launching a new version of ‘you’. People are always the prize. Not a greater name, or more followers on social media, or more money. It’s about people.

As a Christ-follower we do things that He tells us to do. That is a given. So yes it’s all about Jesus. But Jesus is all about His Father’s business. His Father’s business is all about people. Thats just a disclaimer for someone who wants to tell me ‘it’s all about God not just people’. Yes Yes Yes!

So tonight we have our second ‘preview service’. We call it a Vision Night. Others call it a Worship and Information Night. Next launch we will probably call it a Taste of Resurgent. It is an opportunity for people to have a taste of what our church is like. Really though… it is a taste of what the PEOPLE of Resurgent Church are like.

I love our worship ministry as they are growing like crazy in their gift and grace zone. I love the passion growing in our Kids Team for raising world changers. I love our atmosphere of our House. I love some of the programs we have that activate people into their own dreams and destiny … but not as much as i love the PEOPLE of Resurgent Church. So tonight is nothing more than a chance to give people a little taste of our ‘style’ of church … i do not necessarily think they will hear our worship, experience our kids ministry or hear our preaching and think ‘yes I am going to choose Resurgent because of that’ …. although, do not get me wrong, they are all amazing aspects of our church …..but really our whole goal is that someone would walk in who has been considering coming to Resurgent Church and they will meet our stunning team. They will meet the worship team and think ‘man you are good on the stage – but you also carry that same spirit OFF the stage’. Hopefully their kids will love the Friday night kids program, but more than that, they will LOVE being LOVED ON by our team. Yes, i pray that something Andrew and I share will minister to someone in the room, but i believe the greater power will be in the way we can all connect afterwards and they will notice the same measure of passion we have on the pulpit as off the pulpit. They will encounter a genuine love and welcome. They will meet people whose authenticity is not manufactured, who will stop and ask questions, listen to their stories, and who will pray and lean into our guests. Even if only one or two new people turn up tonight, i believe it’s worth it.

Last month a couple walked into our Vision Night, the chemistry with them was stunning and they just knew they had found family, and so did we. This was not about the music, kids program and preaching for them, it was about the people.

Always make what you do about the people and I believe that they will lean into the launch with you. What can you do in this launch season to make it be even more focussed on people as the prize?

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