Day 24 – Keep everyone on the same page in launch season

It’s time to make sure everyone is on this journey with us pastorally … even the original team.

This is a second launch and quite a shift for our church. Although from the moment they would have connected with Resurgent Church they would have seen a plan to raise spiritual sons and daughters who will plant strong, relevant, life-giving churches across Montreal, throughout Quebec and into the nations of the world…”. They would have seen it on a map in our foyer, on our website and they would have heard it in our Belong Course. It actually would have been the very reason why some people engaged even when it felt inconvenient for them to travel so far.

Yet when it actually comes down to the practical steps that it takes to expand … you need to take people on a journey! And remember even though you are building two launch teams you still need the unity of ONE TEAM with one voice! And you want everyone to find their place and come with you!

It is the same with any business or dream. The actual strategy to launch means people need to change how they are doing life right now and something will ALWAYS be different. We all want different but we don’t like what different takes! Different means expansion. Doubling of resource. More people. Less ‘small and intimate gatherings’ and larger leaders/team meetings.

Not everyone loves the circle opening! They want what it was in the beginning!
But there is a mission we are on. Together. But bigger and stronger. Small circles have to become open circles. Expansion means an invitation to more ‘into the circle’

I have been proud of our original team opening up that circle! It is widening and expanding and new friendships are forming. It’s stunning to watch!

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