Day 27 – expand the capacity of your mind

I preached to our church this weekend about expanding our capacity and embracing the stretch. This is exactly what a launch season requires.

Proverbs 31:16 She considers a [new] field before she buys or accepts it [expanding
prudently and not courting neglect of her present duties by assuming
other duties]; with her savings [of time and strength] she plants fruitful
vines in her vineyard. [S. of Sol. 8:12.]

This scripture not only describes a high capacity woman but I high-capacity person, team or church. We asked everyone from our original church plant down two to really ‘consider’ this expansion with us as their opportunity to embrace the stretch. To step up, drive a little further if it requires it, lean in, sacrifice and sow it forward for those yet to find Jesus!

The first way I believe you do this is you take control of your thinking. What happens when a new field or a new opportunity comes your way? Do you even consider new opportunities?? Does is even enter your thinking? Does your spirit say yes but your mind say no?
I really believe that one of the ways we will see Supernatural Expansion is if we allow the new field to stretch us to new possibilities and not
immediately write it off as too hard.

My thinking continually needs renewing and expanding and this launch season is doing that within me.
“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”

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