Day 30 – The pace of a launch season

We banned from our vocabulary years ago the word ‘busy’. I found it to be a word that evoked so much stress. We choose words like ‘full’, ‘overflowing’, ‘fast paced’ etc. it gives you a greater sense of control, and secondly it speaks into the rhythm and flow of life more than a pace.

Launch season runs at a flow that is not sustainable long term. It is an intense schedule with heightened demands on people’s time. But it is not forever!

For our family we know this season includes more nights out than usual. For example we flew in from the UK and were immediately out Downtown meeting with our Young Adults. That actual group only meets every two weeks so if you miss one of those then you are only together again twice before launch.

Our girls understand why we were out too! They want this launch as much as we do. They understand you are building something FOR them and WITH them!

It is important though to look across the launch season and know where you will stop and breathe. Where will you pause even for one night, do PJs and board games with the kids, or even with the team. What can you schedule on the same night so people are not out two nights back to back for the same reason as the same group?

THINK things through in your planning. You also want enough time to be out meeting people to actually INVITE to the launch.

Eccesiastes 3:3 There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:

If this launch season for you has nothing to do with launching a church, but everything to do with launching into a new season personally, then allow me to encourage you to look at the rhythm and flow of your life as you lean into your launch. Look at a whole month, not just a full week. Don’t panic. Do not think your kids will be disfunctional because of it. It’s all going to be ok. They will see the fruit of your labour and celebrate with you!

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