Day 31 – Tell the story with clarity, truth and gratitude

As I prepare an email to those who have invested with us in the first two years of our journey, I am so aware of the weight entrusted to us to articulate the story of the launch of Resurgent Church with clarity, truth and gratitude.

I want people to know that we honestly could not have moved to Canada, established ourselves and launched our church without their finance. I want to share all the good things that Jesus has done. If you are not on the ground here and seeing it with your own eyes, you would not realise that even when we were all questioning through the pain and grief of transition, was this really God, that in fact, YES, look at the fruit.

But also the story is not perfect. I want to say that with the hundreds of people who said yes to Jesus, that every one of them were water baptised… but only 15 of them were. We found it so hard to even work out where and when we would baptise them, the logistics became such a hassle. Is that a good enough excuse? No way! I want to tell them everyone who came and visited stayed… but that is not the truth either. many did not find it a church for them and their family. Our kids ministry facilities were not the safest in launch season (note to all the new church planters – make this a high priority!!). Our worship sound has been far from perfect. Where people are hosted to their seats and some will not even sit where we ask them too because the noise of the speakers hurts their ears. We have been criticised for preaching ‘too much grace’ and ‘shallow messages for the lost’ ….. ummmm yes please let that be our vice!!!

But the story needs to be an honest one. Because honesty and truth is what people deserve. Especially those supporting your launch and your new and evolved you. People invest and want an authentic update on where their investment is and is not returning great fruit. So we share the good news stories and good report, but we are also honest where we are growing. The chance to Do It Again is the best because we learn each time around we launch and review and then grow. The aspects that felt like failing or tragedy .. we still get to celebrate all the way through those.

“Celebration when your plan is working? Anyone can do that. But when you realize that the story of your life could be told a thousand different ways, that you could tell it over and over as a tragedy, but you choose to call it an epic, that’s when you start to learn what celebration is. When what you see in front of you is so far outside of what you dreamed, but you have the belief, the boldness, the courage to call it beautiful instead of calling it wrong, that’s celebration.”

Shauna Neiquist

Do that in your own launch … launch, review, grow, review, grow and launch again… Its the perfect formula to your own moving forward.

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