Day 32 – Your plan will not always be God’s plan

What do you do when the plan does not go ‘according to plan?’ When you are in a launch phase of a new church plant, or a business, or a season of personal growth, it is crucial to have a plan. A plan written down on paper. A plan mapping out which way you are heading, how you plan on getting there and where could the road blocks be. This is called being strategic.

Then you have the spiritual aspect of any kind of kingdom launch. You have prayed, sought wisdom, looked for confirmation in His Word and from great people, team are on board and you sense such kingdom advancement in this endeavour. So what happens when what is on paper does not go according to the plan? When the people you believe will partner with you in your launch season do not end up being the people who say ‘yes’? When the venue you advertised fell through? When the way you imagined your personal growth would happen sees you right back at the beginning?

Yesterday was one of those days in this launch for us? We came back so inspired and refreshed from our trip away (the one I wrote yesterday is super important to go on). Then late afternoon we received some unexpected news about a certain amount of funding we were believing for. We were right in the middle of discussions about budget and purchases. The phone call came. We had to make an instant decision to not be disheartened. It was the first time the team probably saw us vulnerable and honest about the weight with which we were carrying this launch and what goes in behind the scenes in our personal world as Lead Pastors when it comes to finance.

In the moment personally I just wanted to go and eat whatever I could find left of my english chocolate (soooooo good and rich and creamy!!!). That was my way to cope (and trust me not a good thing to do throughout the rocky road of pioneering anything). I want a launch to expand us for sure .. .but not that way ha ha!!!! So you would be proud of my restraint as I withheld myself (and plan to all launch season – there it is out in public .. cause I want to be the best version of myself healthy self by launch!!)

We chose to stop, breath, reframe our minds from the conversation, not believe the lies that the enemy wants to whisper into your head and heart at that moment, speak life, keep believing bigger and trusting that Jesus is so in this.

Andrew and I drove home, began speaking over our life, our family, our future, our team, our church, our relationships and our dreams. One set back will not take us out. We decided that we will get up again the next day with a new found sense of expectation in how God wants to fund this launch.

“God will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you! – Ephesians 3:20 (The Passion Translation)

So we wake this morning to a $10,000 gift from someone in our church who has chosen to really lean into this launch season with us. It was a complete and utter surprise to us. And yet the prayer yesterday had been “Jesus will you surprise us with where this finance will come from? Will you stir the hearts of our own people so that actually the reward comes back into their own life when they sow it? Will you enlarge their faith, encourage them to stretch and launch into the new season of their own lives?”

Then look what happened!! Be encouraged – He has done it before and He will Do It Again.

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