Day 33 – Stay in a bigger world through launch season

Relationships are everything in launch season. That thought goes for any kind of launch. Relationships are everything when you are launching a business, a book, a blog, a new and evolving you, a new season, a new move, house purchase, a battle, a shift in roles or a promotion.

Relationships near and far, global and local, new and old. As the leader and pioneer of a launch you are constantly managing the dynamics of staying connected to those who are loving you, believing in you and are significantly involved in launching you into the new season; as well as establishing, building and strengthening all the new relationships that are all apart of your future. Meanwhile in the middle of that you have your dearest past, present and future family whom are on this journey with you forever. (We will speak into that on later blogs). Some days you do wonder how you can a manage it all.

A new and emerging launch team needs the best of YOU! You are carrying all the pressure of spearheading the launch, but you also need to be around people who have done it before or can inspire you on your journey.

We just had 5 days away in an environment like that. We are coming home more fired up and ready to Do It Again for our second launch.

In your launch budget I cannot more highly recommend setting aside finance to be in a bigger environment than what you are experiencing right now because of what it will do in you the leader. Or if you have friends in Ministry who are supporting your launch season like we have, it was perfect timing for them to bless us with this trip to be energized for what’s ahead. Lead Pastor don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are too busy to get away. You will come back a little jet lagged, better for it!

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