Day 7 – Goodbyes and hellos

Launch season is full of goodbyes and hellos. I love when Andrew says there is often destiny on the other side of a hand shake.

7 days out from our new launch we said goodbye to an era in a building. people asked am I sad. Well I have amazing memories there but the grace zone had lifted and it was TIME. Do I feel that ‘quickly resolved’ about leaving everything I knew in Australia, all my family still there, the church we had loved for 10 years, lifetime friends??? No it was a much longer goodbye/hello process.
I am mindful though of people leaning into this vision and saying their own goodbyes to an era in their own lives also.
Good byes can get SO messy. Our humanity can take a God-ordained goodbye and just mess it all up! We need to honour where we have come from but our loyalty is to the future.
It is the same when you are starting anything new. You never want to build something in ‘reaction’ to where you came from. You do not even want to live in comparison constantly of where you came from. We had to learn that in even our weather transitions. We were always comparing what it would be like back in Australia at this time of the year. Comparison can only last so long until you have to let go and lean into where you are now.
It is the same as when some people transition onto a new launch team from somewhere else. I am listening for their language. If they choose to speak dishonourably about their previous pastors (outside of an authentic conversation one to one with you as their new leader), I can guarantee that in a few months to a year they will be doing it about me too!
If they begin comparing this new church to where they come from we often want to say – if you liked it so much – go back. And some probably should.Your loyalty now how to be to the future of what you are apart of.
We do not want to be known for who we are ‘like’ or ‘not like’, we want to find our own unique expression as we launch. We do not need other people on their goodbye/hello journey bringing us into that rap just because they are still stuck. We need to be moving forward with a compelling vision of hope for the future.

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