Investing into our Future

Foundation Giving is not giving TO a church but THROUGH a church into the future of the city, the future generations, the future kingdom come. Financial giving can be divided into two categories: tithes and offerings. The Bible teaches us that we worship the Lord with our tithe, which is ten percent of our income contributed to the church on a regular basis. When we feel called to give over and above our tithe, we do so as an offering.


What is the Resurgent Foundation for?

The Resurgent Foundation is a banner across all our future endeavors we will invest in as a church with our over and above offerings. This giving will go towards:


  1. Future Church and Mid-Week Buildings – where our portable services can find permanent locations. Right now we will also use some of the Foundation Finance to invest into our rental facilities until each location is self-sustainable.
  2. Future Church Launches in our city – where we can extend the reach of our growing vision.
  3. Future Young Adult, Youth and Kids events – to reach the next generation
  4. Future Savings for dreams that are in our heart like a generational campsite.



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The three categories of people who will finance the Resurgent Foundation are:


Faithful Believers

They are people who will give into the foundation offering as a one off occaasion.


Kingdom Carriers

They are people who will stretch above their tithe to pledge over $1000 across the giving year.


Legacy Builders

They are marketplace leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs who pledge over $10,000 across the giving year, who believe the grace to make and give money is on their life or business.

The endeavors and next steps of all our investment decisions of Foundation Finance will be shared in our quarterly gatherings* we hold for those involved with this ministry.

*(Kingdom Carriers and Legacy Builders receive the cost of these gatherings as complimentary as part of their annual pledge. Faithful Believers who have given into this ministry will be invited to pay their own way to cover the cost of these gatherings)

Jesus is building His Church, He is using every one of us. As a new church we have already accomplished so much, but this Foundation Ministry builds something for our future.


We are believing together to raise over $100,000 in our first foundation year. It is possible when everyone plays their part

20 people x 1000

10 people x 2000

6 people x 5000

3 people x 10,000



That God will maximize our effectiveness as we co-labor with Jesus to revive the spiritual heartbeat of our city and revitalize the local church to become the front and center passion of people’s everyday lives.



On the other side is a pledge form where you are encouraged to prayerfully consider your commitment to the Resurgent Foundation for the giving year of October 2017 to be fulfilled by October 2018.



As God leads you. This is not about investing into what we are already doing, but in what we could do together. It is about dreaming about the future and seeing those dreams become a reality.

A pledge to the Resurgent Foundation is a prayerfully considered commitment you will make across twelve months. You can fulfill that commitment at any time across the year, however, there will two times a year when the whole church is encouraged to give into this ministry (October 2017 and April 2018). Our heart is for you to know that a pledge you are making is something you have faithfully considered as stretching but possible. We believe in the power of equal sacrifice but not equal giving. Where everyone can play their part as the Holy Spirit leads them.

Are you ready to build a foundation for our future?   PLEDGE NOW >